The company "ATB-Market" from April 1, 2020 the trading margin on a certain category of essential food

March 2020 — 8741 views

The company "ATB-Market" has published information from suppliers to increase the price of eggs

March 2020 — 23929 views

The ATB-Market company imposes restrictions on visiting the stores of the ATB retail chain without personal protective equipment

March 2020 — 6108 views

The company "ATB-Market" begins to unveil the purchase prices of goods

March 2020 — 7682 views

ATB Corporation Allocated UAH 100 Million for the implementation of the project on targeted assistance to the most vulnerable categories of the population

March 2020 — 6810 views

The company «ATB-Market» introduces a special hour for the elderly

March 2020 — 13604 views

ATB Corporation has allocated more than UAH 3 million for the purchase of personal protective equipment for company employees

March 2020 — 5547 views

The ATB-Market Company is forced to raise prices for food and goods of prime necessity

March 2020 — 16725 views

ATB-Market Company launches a food packages delivery service

March 2020 — 7471 views

ATB Corporation has developed a targeted aid program for socially vulnerable groups

March 2020 — 5536 views

An official application of ATB Corporation to introduce additional measures in connection with the announcement of a nationwide quarantine

March 2020 — 12041 views

«ATB-Market» won the nomination «Retail – FMCG»

March 2020 — 6477 views