ATB-Market has scaled Click & Collect service to all regions of the country

April 2020 — 9222 views

The company "ATB-Market" removes the trade margin on a certain category of essential food

April 2020 — 7830 views

ATB-Market installed Charity Shelves in stores to help socially disadvantaged groups

April 2020 — 6993 views

The company "ATB-Market" expands the delivery service of online orders of food packages throughout Ukraine.

April 2020 — 26535 views

ATB-Market has launched an online pre-order service of essential goods and food

April 2020 — 22786 views

ATB Corporation purchased 12 modern CFX96 systems for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in the amount of about 10 million UAH

April 2020 — 12174 views

ATB Corporation will provide nearly 580,000 food packages to socially disadvantaged groups

April 2020 — 6409 views