ATB resumes operations in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kyiv region

March 2022 — 4731 views

ATB launches its own direct imports of food and basic necessities from Poland, the Baltic States and Turkey

March 2022 — 3917 views

ATB has launched a national project to collect humanitarian aid for the Armed Forces and the SRO

March 2022 — 3566 views

ATB's humanitarian aid to Ukrainians has exceeded UAH 50 million

March 2022 — 5660 views

“ATB” does not conduct economic activity in the occupied territories of Ukraine

March 2022 — 2584 views

Roshen and Nasha Ryaba products are back on the shelves of ATB stores

March 2022 — 2351 views

The work of the shops of the trading network "ATB" during the military aggression

March 2022 — 9916 views

Tens of millions hryvnias of ATB humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in the first week of the war

March 2022 — 2109 views

Dear our customers!Dear countrymen, compatriots!

March 2022 — 1955 views

Dear partners!Dear our suppliers and manufacturers!

March 2022 — 2067 views

The results of the military week from the Сorporation "ATB"

March 2022 — 1902 views

Ukrainian music began to sound in the ATB  stores

March 2022 — 3062 views

UAH 100 million was transferred by the ATB corporation to the state budget

March 2022 — 1896 views

Map of grocery stores with work schedules and current data

March 2022 — 6839 views