Committed to the principles of good citizenship and patriotic business, ATB Corporation has setup ATB Charitable Foundation. The main goal of the foundation is to give full-fledged support and aid to different categories of citizens: ATO fighters and their families, internally displaced persons, pensioners, persons with disabilities, large families, children, people with urgent health needs. The programs serving the purposes of this mission are an integral part of the company's strategy.

We are sure that to achieve their quality objectives and overall success, charitable projects cannot rely solely on sporadic assistance or occasional support through various charitable and public initiatives. Actually, there is a need for determined, system-level and joint efforts in this field, involving the largest possible fold.

Join our team and provide support to ATB Charitable Foundation cause.

Details for charitable contributions:


OKPO Code 41325294
c/a 26000575782 with DO PJSC RAIFFEISEN BANK AVAL in Kyiv
MFO 380805