ATB Corporation drives innovation by implementing a number of projects designed to instill world-level professional standards in the company business.


An enterprise resource planning system allows you to create a unified information environment with the help of a whole complex of integrated applications with the goal of automating all spheres of business activity - from planning business processes to monitoring their implementation and further analyzing the results achieved. The main purpose of ERP systems is to ensure the growth of competitiveness of the enterprise by improving the efficiency of business processes and, as a result, reducing costs.


Using WMS, TMS and GPS systems allows you to:

  • reduce the cost of intra-warehouse handling of the goods and their delivery,
  • increase control over the implementation of warehouse operations,
  • limit the influence of the human factor on warehouse logistics processes,
  • increase control over the work of your own and hired fleet,
  • improve the quality of transport services.


The use of SpacePlanning, FloorPlanning, and Web Publisher for merchandising software from Strategix allows increasing the turnover through the optimal:

  • distribution of sales area between categories,
  • placement of commercial equipment,
  • presentations within each category,
  • placing categories of goods in a salesroom.


BI (information and analytical system). The implementation of the system makes it possible to optimize planned business processes, reduce the volume of “manual operations” to the necessary minimum, and direct the efforts of specialists directly to analyzing information to substantiate management decisions.