Corporation companies

ATB Corporation, a group of large Ukrainian-based companies has increasingly diversified into areas such as retailing, assets management, grocery business, sports and leisure services. Founded in 1993, the company expanded rapidly. The early 2019 has seen the chain grow to 1004 stores with the highest growth rates in the trade industry of Ukraine in a decade. ATB operates stores in 286 localities in 24 regions of Ukraine. No other retail chain in Ukraine has expanded into smaller towns and rural areas like ATB.

With over 60 thousand employees nationwide, the company is committed to human capital development. Many members of staff received professional training in the company's training centers and whence career development opportunities. The corporation has consistently ranked among the top national companies that create the largest number of jobs. More than 6 thousand new jobs were created in 2019 by the ATB Group companies.

The largest retail chain in Ukraine, ATB Corporation's turnover for 2019 was UAH126.8bn representing a strong increase of 22,4% compared to the previous year. The last year's performance data showed annual rise of 34% in duty and tax remissions totaling more than UAH12.6bn. Fine-tuned marketing and logistics strategy, product quality inspection and control and customer care yield a competitive advantage to ATB Corporation which appeals across a wide variety of Ukrainian customers.