Borys Markov: “The dynamics of development of the Corporation this year justifies our expectations”

ATB Corporation summarized the results of its work for the period from January till September this year

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of ATB Corporation Borys Markov, the company is steadily holding a leading position in the retail turnover of enterprises in the industry. 

If in the first half of the year the result of the company amounted to UAH 59,4 billion, the financial result of ATB's turnover amounted to UAH 86,3 billion, or 17,2% of the total volume of the retail trade turnover. Also, the average check grew by 14.9% or up to UAH 103.9.

The encouraging current dynamics give ATB Corporation a chance to repeat last year's turnover record with a result of UAH 103.9 billion. The increase in total turnover is due to the increase in the network of stores, which amount to 1039 units in all regions of the country, the experimental updating of the format of the ATB store, the introduction of modern marketing technologies, the availability of modern logistics infrastructure.  

A positive factor is also the improvement of the Consumer Confidence Index of Ukrainians, which reached 97.47 points in September out of 200, up from 65 points earlier this year. At present, Ukrainians are looking to the future even more optimistically than in the period of rapid economic growth of 2004-2008. At the same time, they are less afraid of inflation and unemployment. 

Market experts believe that the process was influenced by a set of factors - strengthening of the hryvnia, lowering inflation, rising wages in Ukraine and the influx of remittances from "earners" from abroad, and, finally, a change in power. The Consumer Confidence Index says one thing right now: compatriots are planning to spend more money without trying to hold them for a rainy day, say Info Sapiens analysts with the survey.

At the same time, the behavior of the customers is also undergoing significant changes and becomes more demanding, focusing not only on the price-quality indicator, but also on such things as service, design, innovation and more. However, demandingness is coupled with variability in consumer behavior. Therefore, the one who can set a new trend in the market will be in the competition.

It is widely recognized that the highest standards in the domestic retail industry is shown by the market leader - ATB Corporation. According to the European model, the company has been investing in innovations for many years, including the modernization of existing stores and the creation of a new ATB format. 

Reconstruction and modernization are definitely capital-intensive processes. However, such investments are fully justified as the updated discounters attract new customers, thus increasing the turnover and the average check. After the reconstruction, the introduction of energy-saving technologies reduces costs, said Borys Markov.