All-Ukrainian network "ATB" introduced charity certificatesto help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and medical institutions of Ukraine

On the anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale military invasion, the company "ATB-Market" is starting a charity project, the purpose of which is to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and medical institutions that are currently saving the lives of our defenders.

From February 24, every Ukrainian has the opportunity to make a personal contribution to the approach of our victory by purchasing special certificates-stickers with symbols of Ukrainian resistance to the occupiers "Certificate for the Armed Forces" or "Certificate for medical facilities" from the "ATB" network. The amount of the charitable contribution is UAH 30, UAH 50, UAH 100. The money is credited to a special account for transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or medical institutions, depending on which type of certificate the buyer chooses. Then, authorized representatives of the Armed Forces or medical institutions purchase certificates in any store of the ATB network convenient for them.

The amounts of certificates sold, transferred and already used by the Ukrainian military and medics are updated on the "ATB" website "Certificates for the Armed Forces" and are available for public monitoring. Everything happens as transparently as possible.

Sticker certificates "Certificate for Armed Forces" and "Certificate for medical facilities" can be found at promotional counters in the contact areas of ATB chain stores throughout Ukraine. They cannot be used in the future to pay for the goods by the buyer who purchased them. Bright stickers that the buyer receives are a souvenir and confirm that this person helps the Armed Forces or medics. 

The "Certificate for the Armed Forces" project will last for three months (from 24.02.2023 to 24.05.2023 inclusive), so every citizen will have the time and opportunity to personally support Ukrainian defenders. 

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian soldiers have received from ATB not only guaranteed high-quality provisions (tens of thousands of rations have been transferred), but also modern transport – as of the current time, the company has transferred more than a thousand special purpose vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces. The total amount of aid for the needs of defense and emergency services of Ukraine amounts to hundreds of millions of hryvnias.