An official application of ATB Corporation to introduce additional measures in connection with the announcement of a nationwide quarantine

Because of the state measures taken in Ukraine to prevent the epidemiological situation with the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus infection and to take care of health of shop visitors and employees, ATB Corporation has been implementing additional sanitary and hygienic rules in all distribution stores, centers and offices of the company since 11.03.2020. 

According to the order of the corporation, all international business trips are canceled for employees of all ATB Group enterprises and business trips within the country are limited without emergency. It is also forbidden to travel outside Ukraine for personal reasons. If an employee has decided to travel abroad, upon return he is required to withstand home quarantine for up to 14 days.  

The access control to work at all departments of the ATB Group enterprises (both office, production and retail) is being strengthened. Measures are being taken to ensure measuring the temperature at the entrance to the enterprise. In case of fever, runny nose and / or cough (without fever), the employee is not allowed to work.

Employees of the office divisions of the ATB Group enterprises, if necessary, are denied access to the workplace due to signs of illness or are provided with the opportunity to work remotely. Also, employees of the ATB Group enterprises are provided with personal protective equipment and disinfectants for work surfaces.

In all stores of the ATB trading network, additional sanitary and hygienic measures are being introduced to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection; information and explanatory materials about the symptoms of Coronavirus infection developed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are being distributed to prevent infection.

We note that today the stores of the ATB retail chain are provided with goods of all categories in full. The company has a sufficient amount of commodity balances to ensure consumer demand in the case of its increase.