ATB and NTI Loyalty launch Ukraine's first patriotic charity project with AR technology

ATB Corporation from June 28 to August 09, 2022 launches the national charity project “Bright”, which is implemented in cooperation with NTI Loyalty with the methodological support of the international organization UNICEF.

The main purpose of the charity project is to raise funds for the establishment of the first all-Ukrainian rehabilitation center “Nezlamni” in Lviv. Namely, for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with explosive injuries, which they received as a result of Russian aggression.

According to SES forecasts, even if the war ends today, demining will take another 10 years. The problem is progressive and will be relevant for several years after the end of the war. Therefore, a systematic approach to its solution is needed. 

«Since the beginning of the war, the entire large team of ATB Corporation has been working in an intensified mode 24/7, and has already provided Ukrainians with humanitarian aid worth over UAH 200 million. The main efforts of ATB were aimed at providing assistance to civilians during evacuation activities, the population in the cities of direct hostilities, medical institutions and children's hospitals, volunteer organizations. Therefore, this project is very special for us and we hope to make a significant contribution to the successful implementation of its goal.

For us, this is a purely charitable project. We will donate all the proceeds from the sale of charitable goods to the needs of the Nezlamni Rehabilitation Center through the ATB Charitable Foundation».
Borys Markov, General Director of ATB Corporation

“ATB” together with NTI Loyalty have created an innovative fundraising solution through the crowdfunding platform “Bright”. Bright is an imaginary world of superheroes who represent the real heroes of this war, who are approaching our victory.

The mechanics of the charity project are simple: you need to download the Bright mobile game application to your smartphone and buy game chips in the stores of the ATB retail chain on special terms.

Rules and additional details of the promotion can be found on the website: 

The company, introducing this platform, aimed not only to raise funds for the treatment of children, but also patriotic upbringing of young people, teaching children the rules of mine safety, honoring Ukrainian heroes.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, more than 300 children have died. After consulting with UNICEF, it turned out that the main factor in the defeat of children during the war are explosive injuries. Injuries are caused by shelling and unsafe handling of unexploded ordnance. Children with mine injuries, gunshot wounds, burns, and fractures of various complexity are hospitalized. Explosive injuries often lead to amputation of limbs and other injuries and, as a result of complex surgical interventions, long rehabilitation. Most children are sent for treatment abroad because a comprehensive rehabilitation system has not yet been established in Ukraine.