ATB-Market sent one million used batteries collected by the network's customers for recycling

ATB-Market, which has a retail network of over 1250 stores in all corners of Ukraine, has become the largest platform for the collection and subsequent safe recycling of used batteries, thanks to a joint eco project with the leader in the category – Duracell.

The first truck with 20 tons of batteries, about a million units, which were handed over by the buyers of the ATB retail chain, went to a specialized plant in Romania for processing.

Due to the lack of the necessary capacities on the territory of Ukraine, the spent batteries, which are collected by the ATB network buyers in the course of a joint initiative of the company with the Duracell brand and Savservice and Promo-Service companies, will be disposed of in Europe. In addition, recycling saves the planet's resources – returning valuable materials from used batteries for reuse.

As a modern progressive company that cares about the environment, ATB-Market provided the organizers of the eco project with the opportunity to install special boxes for collecting used batteries in each of its chain stores. Due to the popularity of discounter stores, which serve more than 4 million Ukrainians daily, many visitors have already brought and continue to bring used batteries for their subsequent safe recycling at specialized enterprises. The collected batteries require special storage, sorting, transportation and disposal according to special industrial technologies - the organizers of the project took it upon themselves to resolve all these issues.