ATB summarized the results of the "jubilee" marathon – hundreds of pickup trucks and drones were handed over to the military

This year, the leader of domestic retail started a new trend in the domestic business environment - all gifts for the 30th anniversary of "ATB" were converted into a donation for the Armed Forces, the amount of which reached 168 million hryvnias.

The charity marathon lasted two months, during which everyone, regardless of wealth and status, could make their own contribution to the approach of our victory. The company specially released the exclusive "ATB Unity Collection" (branded stickers, T-shirts, hoodies, socks, cups, stationery and many interesting souvenirs). Funds from the sale of such goods in all "ATB" stores were directed to help our defenders. It was also possible to donate remotely using the details.

Thanks to the unity around the sacred goal of Ukrainian citizens and the involvement of business partners, it was possible to collect 68 million hryvnias. The ATB company added another hundred million of its own funds to them, increasing the size of the "jubilee" donation to 168 million.

As of today, these funds are already fighting on our side, saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and helping to destroy the enemy.

240 Mitsubishi L200 multi-purpose all-terrain pickups were purchased and handed over to military units. The Ukrainian army of drones was replenished with 470 modern Mavic3 Pro UAVs.

Military medics received four new specialized cars. Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikova received modern medical equipment, which expanded the possibilities of saving lives and restoring health to seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers.