Experimental projects of the ATB-Market company

Departments «Pizza to order» and «Grilled Chicken» are organized in ATB stores

Within the framework of the developed marketing strategy, ATB-Market continues to actively explore consumer demand, trends in the modern retail market and, based on their analysis, introduce new solutions into the practice of the retail business of ATB.

On May 29, 2019, a pilot project was launched to organize the “Pizza to Order” department in the stores of the ATB retail chain. The project implementation is planned on the basis of 5 stores in Dnipro – “Products-78”, “Products-90”, “Products-124”, “Products-600”, “Products-895”. The launch of the department in these stores occurs in stages, as the corresponding site is prepared in them.

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Modern equipment is installed in the “Pizza to order” department, which allows you to bake up to 5 types of pizza: “ATB Branded pizza”, “Four Cheese Pizza”, etc. Baking time depends on the power of the equipment and ranges from 2 to 8 minutes.

To improve the comfort of customers, the company additionally develops the possibility of accepting an order for the manufacture of pizza through a special mobile application and through a direct order by a dedicated phone number.

Testing of the pilot project will take place until the end of July 2019. After a qualitative and quantitative analysis of all indicators of this project, the company will decide on the introduction of the “Pizza to Order” department into the existing practice of development of the ATB trading network.

Also, from June 24, 2019, ATB-Market has launched another pilot project - the organization of the “Grilled Chicken” department. This project will be implemented until the beginning of September 2019 in the shop “Products-898” in Kyiv and in the shop “Products-35” in Dnipro.