In 2022, ATB Corporation increased the amount of tax payments by almost one billion hryvnias

Despite the impact of economic factors caused by the war, the "ATB" group of companies continues to demonstrate sufficiently high rates of growth in the volume of tax payments and fees to budgets of all levels. 

The long-term leader and driver of the domestic retail industry today demonstrates a clear example of sustainable socially oriented business. In fact, becoming an outpost of the country's food security, ATB paid taxes and fees to the budgets of various levels in the amount of UAH 20.44 billion during the past year, perhaps the most difficult in the recent history of Ukraine. According to the company's data, in 2022, UAH 13.65 billion was paid to the state budget, UAH 4.32 billion to local budgets, and UAH 2.47 billion to the trust funds. The total amount of taxes and fees paid to ATB is almost one billion hryvnias higher than the previous year (19.45 billion hryvnias). And a year earlier, this figure was 15.8 billion UAH.

In 2022, the flagship enterprise of the corporation, the ATB-Market retail network, paid UAH 15.63 billion in taxes and duties (of which the state budget received UAH 10.11 billion, local budgets received UAH 3.63 billion, and targeted funds – UAH 1.89 billion).

As the dry numbers show, despite the heavy losses of assets and capacities caused by the full-scale war, the company is a reliable helper for the Ukrainian army and Ukrainians, and retains the title of the largest industry taxpayer.

Let us remind you that over the past five years, the total amount of tax payments has increased three and a half times: from UAH 6.58 billion in 2017 to UAH 20.44 billion in the past (excluding regional enterprises).

Steadily growing indicators of the amount of tax payments and fees to the budgets of various levels are evidence of dedication to work, maximum transparency and honesty in business conduct, indomitability, as well as steadfast faith in our future victory.