Official statement of the "ATB" corporation regarding the situation with the embezzlement of humanitarian aid in Zaporizhzhia

ATB Corporation officially declares that the information disseminated by one of the NABU agents regarding the sale of stolen humanitarian products in Zaporizhzhia through ATB stores is not true. The theses presented by her are unverified information that deliberately misleads customers and partners of the company and the general public. 

"ATB" Corporation did not have and does not have any signed agreements regarding the supply for sale of food and humanitarian goods from third-party suppliers through the stores of the "ATB" retail network in the region.

In turn, ATB Corporation has repeatedly informed the public about the launch of additional import deliveries of food and essential goods from Poland, the Baltic countries, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Italy, etc. The company buys these goods, as well as the rest of its imports, from Western manufacturing partners and delivers them directly to stores.

In recent months, the company has received many requests from law enforcement agencies as part of criminal proceedings regarding the alleged sale of humanitarian products. Also, the controlling authorities have repeatedly carried out appropriate checks in the stores of the "ATB" retail network regarding these suspicions. No fact of sale of humanitarian products was found.

ATB Corporation strongly condemns any actions of officials regarding the appropriation and misuse of humanitarian aid. It considers such actions unacceptable, shameful and unworthy of the high rank of a citizen of Ukraine.    

On the other hand, ATB Corporation appeals to media representatives and other persons to refrain from spreading unverified and unreliable information that harms the company's business reputation, to contact the company's press service in a timely manner for objective comments.

ATB Group reserves the right to use all available and legal methods to protect honor, dignity and business reputation. 

Corporate Communications Department of ATB Corporation