Since the beginning of the year, ATB-Market has doubled the pace of expansion of the trading network

951 retail outlets work in Ukraine

ATB Corporation continues to retain its leading position in the trade industry of Ukraine, demonstrating the high rates of development of its trading network.

As on the middle of May, 951 retail outlets operate in Ukraine in 246 locations across the country. Since the beginning of 2018, the company has opened 41 new stores, most of which are located in the Western Ukraine, Odesa region, and also in Kyiv. The growth rate of the trading network is almost twice as high as last year, when the company opened 78 new discounters.

As it was previously reported, the management of the Corporation this year sets itself the task of opening more than 100 new stores, as well as redesigning 50 existing ones, thus overcoming the milestone of 1,000 retail properties. The expansion of the trading network will be carried out on the basis of a new store concept - a combination of advanced European technologies, concepts and practices of discounter development.

ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in such business areas as retail, asset management, production and food sales, the provision of services in the field of sports and recreation. More than 60 thousand employees work at the enterprises of ATB Corporation.