Tens of millions hryvnias of ATB humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in the first week of the war

During the first week of military aggression on the territory of Ukraine, ATB Corporation provided tens of millions hryvnias in food and basic necessities to Ukrainians.

Critical infrastructure organizations, volunteer movements, medical institutions, city and town administrations, places of temporary resettlement, and the population in hot spots of the country received assistance.

To support the country's defense capabilities, ATB Corporation transferred UAH 100 million in advance tax payments to the state budget.

Despite the shelling and the difficult situation in Kyiv, the capital's Okhmatdit, which treats children with cancer from all over the country, received 20 tons of food and basic necessities. 

In the cities of direct combat, ATB support stores have been formed to provide the population with food and basic necessities. All relevant information for the population is promptly posted on the company's websites and social media pages.

Also, civilians in cities affected by airstrikes and bombings, the company has provided basements for its operating shops for bomb shelters, where also stocks of drinking water.

Since the beginning of the war, the entire large team of ATB Corporation has been working in an intensive mode 24/7. 

It does everything possible to provide the population of the country with food and basic necessities. 

Provide the fullest and broadest help! 
We do not stop. 
Everything will be Ukraine!