The charity marathon for the 30th anniversary of ATB has been extended!

During the first month, 160 million donations were collected for the Armed Forces

This difficult year, in early November, ATB is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Considering the time of war, the only mission of Ukrainian society is the approach of victory over the enemy, therefore, as a patriotic and socially oriented business, we decided to dedicate our anniversary to helping Ukrainian defenders, involving millions of our own customers and business partners! 

The charity marathon started a month ago. Before its holiday, ATB initiated the collection of an unprecedented hundred million dollar donation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The project actually created a new trend in the domestic business environment – all gifts for the anniversary are converted into aid for our military.

And now we have the first positive results. Thanks to the care of our citizens and the participation of business partners, we managed to collect 60 million hryvnias in one month. For its part, ATB additionally allocates 100 million, increasing the total amount of the "anniversary" donation to a record 160 million. Work is currently underway to collect applications from the General Staff and the country's military-civilian administrations for the purchase of the necessary equipment, transport, etc.

But that's not all! For the sake of the unity of the nation and our future victory, it was decided to extend this charity project for another month. Therefore, it will be possible to join the campaign with your donation to help the Armed Forces and doctors until the end of November.

We would like to remind you that a special limited collection of goods and souvenirs was created so that everyone could join the "anniversary" marathon of ATB and make their own contribution to the approach of victory. The unique "ATB Unity Collection" includes branded stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, socks, cups, notebooks, pens, branded tableware and a lot of other interesting things. Funds from the sale of such goods in the stores of the network (special racks and shelves have been created in the sales halls), as well as those ordered on the website of the ATB online store , will be sent to help the Armed Forces.

It is also possible to make a direct donation remotely, using the specified  details.

Let's unite for victory!
Together we are the strength of Ukraine!