The company "ATB-Market" joins the platform "eDopomoga"

The company "ATB-Market" joined the "eDopomoga" platform

From now on, a person who left an application on the platform can use the eDopomoga Subscription (certificate) in the All-Ukrainian chain of supermarkets "ATB-Market". Benefactors from Ukraine and from any country in the world can pay a certificate in the denomination of 200, 500 and 1000 hryvnias for the purchase of any goods in the stores of the "ATB" network for families in need of help.

The platform "yeDopomoga" was created by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and UNDP with the financial support of Sweden. The purpose of this project is to provide the urgent needs of citizens who suffered or were forced to change their place of residence due to military aggression.

They have already congratulated their new partner on the "yeDopomoga" platform:

“We are glad to welcome "ATB-Market" to the circle of friends of the "eDopomoga" platform! Our team is constantly working to make the "eHelp" platform convenient for everyone. We received a lot of requests from users of the platform that it would be very cool if prepaid food and hygiene products could be used in the stores of the ATB-Market network.”

Ukrainians who wish to support their loved ones or compatriots who find themselves in difficult life circumstances can respond to an application for a family in need of help and issue a Subscription for food and hygiene products. The applicant will receive an SMS message with a unique "eDopomoga" subscription code and will be able to choose products in any of over a thousand ATB stores.

In the past 2022, businesses, charitable foundations and citizens purchased goods and purchase certificates for 32 million hryvnias for charitable purposes.

The Red Cross Mission in Ukraine, Regional Revitalization Foundation (Interpipe Group), Nova Ukraine Foundation, Caritas Foundation and others became partners of ATB-Market.

In 2023, the company "ATB-Market" plans further development of this direction and is always open to cooperation with Ukrainian and international business, charitable institutions, etc.

How to get help?

1. Register on the platform

2. Leave a request for help by selecting the ATB supermarket chain from the list of "eDopomoga" partners.

3. When the Benefactor selects an application and makes a payment, you will receive a code in the electronic cabinet on the platform and/or an SMS message to a mobile phone number. To use the help, when purchasing a product at the cash desk of the ATB store, you need to provide the numbers of the SMS code or show the "eDopomoga" subscription with a barcode for scanning.

How to become a Benefactor?

1. Follow the platform link

2. Choose the application you want to close and a convenient denomination for payment: 200, 500 or 1000 hryvnias.

3. Pay the amount of your choice. After payment, the Applicant will receive an SMS message and will be able to use the subscription for products within 30 calendar days.

After the Applicant has used the aid, Benefactors registered on the platform will receive a purchase confirmation, which will include a list of purchased goods.


Subscription for products is one-time and valid for 30 days from the date of payment. It can only be used for purchases (except for alcohol and tobacco products) in the "ATB-Market" supermarket chain in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

If the subscription has not been used during this time, the "eDopomoga" platform informs the Benefactor that the subscription has expired and is generated anew, and informs about the need to send it to a new Applicant in need of assistance.

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