The national charity project "Brights" collected 20 million hryvnias to help Ukrainian children affected by the war

A month ago, the ATB network in cooperation with the NTI Loyalty company and with the support of the international organization UNICEF officially announced the launch of the national charity project "Brights". The purpose of this project is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of injured children in the National Rehabilitation Center "Unbreakable" in Lviv. 

"Helping while playing" - under this slogan and with the help of an imaginary world of superheroes who bring our victory closer, millions of Ukrainians joined the charity project in a month. Thanks to them, “Brights” collected 20 million hryvnias, and children affected by the war got a chance for quality rehabilitation.

With these funds, in the near future, a large part of the children's rehabilitation department will be overhauled in the St. Nicholas Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv within the scope of the Nezlamni Center, as well as the necessary equipment for the recovery of small patients: exoskeleton, rehabilitation tables, interactive devices for rehabilitation, tracks and paramobiles.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, as of September 6, more than 372 children have died in Ukraine, and another 740 Ukrainian children have been injured of various degrees of severity as a result of rocket attacks, artillery shelling, or enemy mines. Also, children are often injured due to unsafe handling of unexploded ordnance. Children with mine-explosive injuries, gunshot wounds, burns, as well as fractures of various complexity end up in hospitals. Unfortunately, statistics show that blast injuries often lead to amputation of limbs and other injuries and, as a result, complex operations and long rehabilitation. According to official data, 388 young Ukrainians are the most affected children in Donetsk region today, followed by Kharkiv (204) and Kyiv (116) regions, where, unfortunately, children are also seriously injured.

Despite trials and traumas, Ukrainians remain indomitable and deserve rescue, prosthetics and good rehabilitation in their country. This is the goal embodied by the National Rehabilitation Center of Ukraine "Unbreakable", and our "Brights" were able to realize it for the children thanks to everyone who supported us.