The official statement of the ATB Corporation about the events that took place in the ATB store in Mariupol

In connection with the events that took place on April 22, 2021, in the store of the ATB trade network in the city of Mariupol at 106 Nakhimov ave., The ATB Corporation reports that the violator of law and order was detained by law enforcement agencies and his identity was established. The company expresses its gratitude to the police of the city of Mariupol for their prompt and well-coordinated work.  

ATB Corporation strongly condemns the aggressive actions of this person who endangered the life and health of employees and visitors of the store, and will make every effort to facilitate the investigation. 

The ATB Corporation will demand, within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine, compensation for damage caused to the enterprise in the event that the person is found guilty of committing this offense.

According to the offender, the reason for the commission of these actions was whether the requirement of the store employee to his wife, according to the established rules and norms for the use of personal protective equipment when visiting trade enterprises and making purchases, became legitimate. The wife categorically and fundamentally refused to comply with this requirement, while at the same time she made a conflict with other visitors to the store.  

In this regard, we note once again that ATB Corporation acts exclusively within the framework of the current legislation. Since the beginning of quarantine, the company has conscientiously complied with all norms and regulations governing the operation of ATB stores in an epidemiological situation with the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. 

ATB Corporation once again appeals to all store visitors and asks them to responsibly comply with quarantine requirements, consciously demonstrate their civil position, reduce the risks of infection, both for themselves and their loved ones, and for the immediate environment.