Ukrainians together with "ATB" collected 70 million hryvnias to help the Armed Forces and medical institutions of the country

Recently, a large-scale charity project of the leader of domestic retail was completed, the purpose of which was to collect funds to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and medical institutions, where the lives and health of our defenders and civilian victims of enemy shelling are saved every day.

The campaign "Certificate for the Armed Forces" began on February 24, the anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the enemy, and lasted ninety days. It was held on the basis of all supermarkets of the "ATB" chain (as of today, 1,185 stores are operating) in various parts of Ukraine and united almost a million citizens. During the specified time, everyone willing had the opportunity to make a personal contribution to the approach of victory. For this, it was necessary to purchase a charity certificate with a denomination of UAH 30, UAH 50 or UAH 100 from special promotion counters or in the cashier areas of discounters of the largest domestic retail chain. In confirmation of such a patriotic act, buyers received a corresponding souvenir sticker – "Certificate for the Armed Forces" or "Certificate for medical institutions". 

During three months, 811,980 certificates were sold. The project made it possible to collect a significant amount – 34.5 million hryvnias. These funds were immediately transferred to a special account for the provision of assistance – in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or medical institutions, depending on the type of souvenir sticker chosen by the client (the assignment of the transfer of certificates is part of the public rules). 

As a responsible and patriotic business, ATB Corporation also made its personal contribution, actually doubling the funds collected by conscious Ukrainians. The total amount of charitable assistance provided to Ukrainian defenders and doctors is about 70 million hryvnias.

With these funds, at the request of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 375 modern Mavic 3 drones were purchased for Ukrainian defenders, as well as almost three dozen special purpose vehicles, and doctors received four specialized ambulances.

We will remind that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteer formations, doctors, residents of the de-occupied territories, volunteers, etc. during the war they receive help from "ATB". It is not only about the provision of food (tens of thousands of rations were given to the soldiers), but also modern transport. The company purchased and transferred more than a thousand special-purpose vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces at its own expense: heavy-duty trucks, operational-pyrotechnic, staff, fire trucks, tanker trucks, 8x8 and 6x6 all-terrain vehicles, ambulances, as well as hundreds of multi-functional all-terrain pickup trucks. 

The total amount of assistance for the needs of defense and emergency services already amounts to more than 400 million hryvnias. This indicator is constantly growing, because the help from "ATB" is not situational, but systemic. Currently, more than four thousand company employees have joined the ranks of the Armed Forces and are defending us from the enemy. The rest of the others have been on a special work regime for more than a year and are guarding the country's food security.

We believe in the Armed Forces and bring victory closer together!
Everything will be Ukraine!

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