Cheer for the national team of Ukraine with ATB – collect an epic football collection toEURO 2024!

June 2024 — 1217 views

In 2023, the company "ATB" increased the amount of taxes and fees by 4.62 billion hryvnias

January 2024 — 1122 views

ATB summarized the results of the "jubilee" marathon – hundreds of pickup trucks and drones were handed over to the military

December 2023 — 795 views

The charity marathon for the 30th anniversary of ATB has been extended!

November 2023 — 803 views

In six months of 2023, ATB Corporation paid taxes and fees for the total amount of UAH 12.01 billion

July 2023 — 1726 views

"Charitable contribution" – a new initiative from ATB to support Ukrainian defenders and medics is starting

July 2023 — 1079 views

Ukrainians together with "ATB" collected 70 million hryvnias to help the Armed Forces and medical institutions of the country

June 2023 — 1638 views

Representatives of food retail have united to ensure the stable operation of the supply chain of basic food products in Ukraine under martial law – Memorandum

April 2023 — 1180 views

ATB expands the geography of food delivery to the de-occupied and front-line regions of Ukraine

March 2023 — 1235 views

All-Ukrainian network "ATB" introduced charity certificatesto help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and medical institutions of Ukraine

February 2023 — 2136 views

In 2022, ATB Corporation increased the amount of tax payments by almost one billion hryvnias

February 2023 — 1600 views

The company "ATB-Market" joins the platform "eDopomoga"

January 2023 — 11443 views

To mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of the thinker and writer Hryhoriy Skovoroda, Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, State Arts Council and the company "ATB-market" made a joint information project

December 2022 — 1382 views

"ATB" resumes the operation of stores in the city of Kherson

November 2022 — 1445 views

"ATB" is reducing electricity consumption in all operating stores of its own retail network

October 2022 — 1975 views

The national charity project "Brights" collected 20 million hryvnias to help Ukrainian children affected by the war

September 2022 — 1669 views

Official statement of the "ATB" corporation regarding the situation with the embezzlement of humanitarian aid in Zaporizhzhia

August 2022 — 21596 views

More than 300 tons of humanitarian aid for the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces were collected in "ATB" stores

August 2022 — 1772 views

In six months of 2022, ATB Corporation paid taxes and fees for the total amount of UAH 9.79 billion

August 2022 — 1444 views

ATB and NTI Loyalty launch Ukraine's first patriotic charity project with AR technology

June 2022 — 2252 views